Converting NEO to pNEO on BSC
1. Please go to https://flamingo.finance/wrapper to create nNEO from NEO
2. In the top right corner click the wallet you would like to connect. We suggest Neoline. Choose your wallet in the pop-up window.
3. Choose NEO and input the amount you would like to convert
4. Confirm the transaction
5. Approve the transaction in the pop-up Neoline. Default amount of GAS is enough for transaction.
6. Please go to https://bridge.poly.network/
7. Connect your Neo wallet and Metamask. Make sure you set BSC-mainnet as the network in Metamask.
8. Choose NEO as Asset and set networks to Neo and BSC
9. Confirm your transaction
10. After a certain amount of confirmations your transaction is complete
11. You can find your pNEO token by adding the custom token in Metamask (0xb119b3b8e5e6eeffbe754b20ee5b8a42809931fb)
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